Energy Assessment Grants

Future Proofing Geelong provides grants for up to 50% of the cost of an energy assessment for commercial buildings (owners and tenants) and manufacturing businesses in Geelong.

The application process is simple and decisions are made quickly after getting a quote for the assessment.

This can help your business to:

  • find out how much energy your business uses
  • learn how you can lower running costs by taking actions to reduce energy use: LED lighting upgrades and heating/cooling changes often have short payback periods
  • receive free guidance from Future Proofing Geelong to implement changes, with links to local reputable service providers
  • receive necessary information to include in other applications for grants.

By reducing your businesses’ energy consumption not only will you be saving money, you will be contributing to Geelong's Low Carbon Growth Plan.

Applying for a grant

To apply or find out more about obtaining a grant, email or call 5272 4111 to express your interest, and receive further information.

You will receive support to select an energy assessment auditor and complete any required forms, we'll work with you to administer the grant as quickly as possible.

What to expect from an energy assessment

  • An Energy Assessment will provide information about your business energy requirements and current emissions as well as recommendations for reducing them.
  • Any recommendations will include indicative capital costs and payback periods as well as anticipated emission reductions.
  • Once you have this information on your businesses’ energy use, you will be able to measure your results and see how much your business has saved.
  • Future Proofing will assist to measure the impact of any actions you undertake and development of media and case studies fro promotion if applicable.
  • Below is an example of what your report should include.

Example Energy Assessment Summary of Recommendations

The table below summarises the recommendations of this Level 2 energy audit at x business Geelong, located at x address Geelong.

Required components:

  x m2 (whole / base / tenant area of building)
  Total kWh electricity/energy use for the last year/base line year (all buildings/scope assessed)
  Total CO2 emissions for energy use
  Recommendations for reducing energy use and emissions:

  Energy efficiency opportunity Upfront capital cost ($) Payback period (years) CO2 savings per year

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