The Low Carbon Growth Plan

The Low Carbon Growth Plan for Greater Geelong identifies a range of opportunities that can be implemented now within Greater Geelong to set in motion its transition to a low carbon economy.

These will position the municipality to benefit from the economic opportunities that come from increasing demand for cleaner technologies, innovation and ‘green’ skills. It will also help to minimise the financial impact of a carbon price on local businesses and households.

Responsibility for this transition does not lie with one or even a handful of businesses or organisations. Every household and every business in Greater Geelong can play a role in reducing the municipality’s emissions.

The opportunities to reduce Greater Geelong’s greenhouse gas emissions identified within the Low Carbon Growth Plan for Geelong 2015 (LCBP) report are intended to be low cost and practical. Many will save energy which often also saves money, even after factoring in the upfront capital investment needed to capture the opportunity.

Page last updated: Monday, 17 May 2021