Our Vision To 2030

Our vision is that in 2030, Geelong is internationally recognised as one of the world’s most resilient cities through collaboration and innovation in three focus areas.

Sustainability - through efficient resource use and the protection and enhancement of environmental assets.

Liveability - building healthy communities, which are connected and care for each other

Productivity - through a transition to a low carbon economy; cleaner, leaner and smarter businesses and industries powered by an informed, educated and skilled workforce that thinks and acts for the long term.

The challenge

Geelong is one of Australia’s fastest growing cities. It faces significant social, environmental and economic challenges as it transforms into a city of the 22nd century. The Geelong community recognises that this challenge requires a comprehensive response involving all stakeholders and all sectors.

With its strong growth; proactive business, industry and community groups; commitment to working together and an innovative culture, Geelong is ideally placed to take on this challenge. Future Proofing Geelong is a collaboration of businesses, government, and community groups working to support new and existing initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable, liveable and productive Geelong.

The opportunity

Future Proofing Geelong is open for business. It is encouraging and supporting ideas and projects from the community, business, industry and government. Projects will ideally lead to jobs, skills development and business development, to further enhance the prosperity of Geelong for future generations.

Projects should address one or more of the nine key themes established to achieve the vision, as illustrated below:

Future Proofing Geelong can offer research to source funding, writing project proposals and grant submissions, along with marketing, networking and events.

If you have a project idea, or wish to invest in projects, contact us at

Page last updated: Monday, 8 January 2018