Real estate agent portable sign permits

You will need a portable A-frame permit if you are a real estate business and want to use portable A-frame, or sandwich boards, to advertise open for inspection and auction events.

Our Footpath and Designated Roads Trading and Activity Guidelines have a permit system for temporary real estate signage. For example: 'Open for Inspection' and 'Auction Day' signs.

This permit allows real estate agents to place temporary signs out at various properties when open for inspection and on auction days, subject to condition within the guidelines, and still assist in the safe use of public land.

Each branch of a business with multiple sites, will need it’s own permit.

This permit is in addition to any A-frame permit you may have for the footpath out the front of your business.

The portable A-frame or sandwich board application is made by completing a Footpath Trading Application form.

Before you make application you should check that you meet the following criteria:

  • a maximum of three signs may be permitted per ‘open for display’ or ‘auction’ event
  • no sign shall be placed on any roundabout, median strip, council reserve or other location that my impede and/or distract motorists and/or pedestrians
  • signs shall be placed kerbside
  • auction signs may only be displayed on the day of the auction event listed above and shall be removed no later than 4 p.m. on that day
  • ‘Open for Inspection’ signs shall only be permitted to be displayed during the times that the property is open to the public
  • signs shall not be larger than 1200mm high X 600mm wide;
  • signs shall be identifiable by the business, its purpose and contact details of the Permit Holder.

If you are a Real Estate business and want to advertise your business on the footpath at the shop front you will need an A-frame permit.

What you need to do

If you meet the above criteria then fill out the application form and attach:

  • a Certificate of Currency for your public liability insurance with cover of at least $10 million (this liability insurance should be applicable for any location away from business premises, that is: where your signs are placed)
  • payment of the applicable fee.

If you need more information and advice it may be helpful to speak to the officers at Council who will be approving your application on 03 5272 4500.

Lodgement of these documents and the fee can be done at any of our via mail, email or in person at one of our Customer Service Centres.

What we will do

When we receive your application we will assess that you need the criteria, have the correct insurance and have made payment.

When your application is approved we will issue you with a permit which includes a sticker.

This sticker should be placed in the window of your business so that it is clearly visible.

Permits are issued for the calendar year regardless of when you apply and expire 31 December each year.

Each year you will receive a renewal notice for this permit.

Page last updated: Thursday, 19 March 2020