A-frame permits

If you are a business and you want to advertise on the footpath with an A-frame or sandwich board you will need an A-frame permit. 

To ensure the safety of everyone who travels on the footpath in front of your property there are rules that state where and when you can place the A-frame on the footpath.

You will have to apply for an A-frame permit.

Before you make application you should check that you meet the following criteria:

  • No sign may be displayed in a Residential Zoned area
  • Footpath width to be greater than 2900 millimetres (2.9 metres)
  • One sign per business
  • Sign to be placed directly out the front of the business
  • Sign to be placed kerbside
  • Sign maximum sizes dependant on street speed zone
    • 0-60 kilometres per hour - 1200 millimetres height by 600 millimetres width
    • 61-80 kilometres per hour - 1400 millimetres height by 700 millimetres width
    • 81 kilometres per hour and over - 1600 millimetres height by 800 millimetres width
  • Sign cannot be under 1 metre in height
  • No moving parts allowed on the sign
  • No lighting to be used on or with the sign
  • Sign to be displayed during business operating hours only
  • Sign not to be placed on a road, roundabout or median strip
  • Have public liability insurance to the value of, or greater than, $10 million.

An application for footpath trading form should be completed.


There is an application fee.  There is also an annual fee for the permit.

Please note: fees for 2020-2021 have been waived.

Permits are issued for the calendar year and expire 31 December each year, regardless of when you apply. 

Need to know more...

If you are a Real Estate business and want to advertise auctions or open houses events you will need a Portable A-frame Permit.

Advertising Signage Guidelines attached to your building are controlled by the Planning Scheme Guidelines.

A-frame permits are not given for Community Advertising for an event. You will need a Community Promotion Sign permit.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 8 February 2022