Footpath trading

Footpath trading includes any commercial activity on the footpath.

Footpaths are provided to the community to facilitate a safe, convenient and defined means for pedestrian movement alongside roadways and to link public spaces.

If your business wants to place goods for sale, chairs and tables for dining or an A-frame or sandwich board on the footpath you will need a permit.

A Footpath Trading permit allows your business to hold a:

  1. Al fresco dining permit
    Let your customers eat outside on tables and chairs.
  2. A-frame permit
    Advertise your business on the footpath.
  3. Portable A-frame permit
    If you are a real estate agent and want to advertise open for inspection or auction events.
  4. Goods for Sale permit
    Place your products on the footpath for sale.

To ensure the safety of everyone who travels on the footpath in front of your property there are rules that state where and when you can do these things on the footpath.

You can not put anything out on the footpath until you have been issued with the permit.

The policy

The Footpath Trading and Activity Policy was adopted to ensure that all activities could be undertaken with the safety and needs of all people in mind. Where space is limited there may be restrictions on what you can do on the footpath.

Assessing your application

When you make an application for footpath trading we will assess your application and if approved, we will provide you with a permit.

Need to know more...

If you have any questions regarding footpath trading activities you can telephone our Local Laws team on 03 5272 4500.

Page last updated: Thursday, 4 November 2021