We are responsible for new footpaths and the maintenance of existing footpaths within our municipality.

Footpaths are provided to the community to facilitate a safe, convenient and defined means for pedestrian movement alongside roadways and to link public spaces.

Inspections and maintenance

Footpaths within our municipality are regularly inspected and maintained accordingly and, as resources allow.

Maintenance issues we take care of can be:

  • potholes
  • rough surface
  • lifted or broken slabs
  • dislodged or loose bricks
  • weeds growing through the footpath.

If you have an enquiry relating to the general maintenance of footpaths please contact our Customer Service Team.

Process for footpath repairs requests

We will send an Inspector to inspect the footpath issue.

We will then prioritise repair works as necessary and dependent on the severity of the defect.

In some instances, temporary repairs may be undertaken in the interim as resources or budget allocations allow.

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Page last updated: Monday, 14 December 2020