Class 3 Food - Temperatures of Deliveries - Record 4

All Class 3 food premises need to maintain minimum records for temperatures of deliveries log - this is referred to as Record 4

  • this must be recorded once a month for each supplier that supplies cold or hot potentially hazardous foods
  • all cold potentially hazardous food must be delivered under 5 degrees celsius
  • all hot potentially hazardous food must be delivered above 60 degrees celsius
  • all frozen potentially hazardous food must be delivered frozen hard
  • the temperature needs to be taken of a food product as it is delivered, prior to being placed in the fridge or pie warmer
  • if the delivery vehicle has electronic temperature monitoring this can be used to complete this record
  • if a delivery of potentially hazardous foods arrive and they are not within the required temperature; corrective action needs to be taken and recorded, you have the right to refuse deliveries that are not under temperature control.

Page last updated: Thursday, 25 November 2021