Register a food complaint

If you believe that you have become sick after eating food from a food business or witnessed a business operating with unsafe or inappropriate food handling you can report that incident to us.

When you contact us you will need to tell us:

  • the name and address of the business 

  • the date and time of the incident/s 

  • the details of what you ate, bought or observed

  • details of any conversations had with staff or management regarding the matter
  • your name, address and day time contact telephone number

Our Environmental Health Officer may require further information from you.

If you have suspected food poisoning we may also ask you for a three-day food history. This may include details of everything you ate or drank in the 72 hours prior to your first symptom/s. The only way to determine if you have been suffering from food poisoning or a food borne infection is for a stool (faecal/poo) sample to be sent to a laboratory for analysis. You can do this through your family doctor.

We will investigate the incident and provide you with feedback and outcome, usually via the telephone. Your report can help Council identify and correct any food safety problem to prevent it from happening again.

In some cases, viral gastroenteritis may be the cause of suspected food poisoning.

To find out more, see our Food poisoning and viral gastro page.

Page last updated: Thursday, 25 November 2021