Notify of my sausage sizzle

If your community group is running a fundraising sausage sizzle you will need to notify us.

A simple sausage sizzle is limited to the sale of sausages and/or onions in bread with sauce only, as this food is considered to be Class 4.

You can tell us about your sausage sizzle by completing a notification of a temporary food premises form or notifying through the Statewide database - Streatrader.

On this form you will need to tell us your:

  • Community or not for profit group details

  • Contact name and telephone number

  • Food handling knowledge and understanding

  • When, where and how you will be selling the sausages.

There is no fee required for the Notification of a Temporary Food Premises and you only need to notify us once.

If you have previously notified us of a sausage sizzle and your contact details have not changed and you are simply advising us of another trading event or site, you can contact us, or lodge a Statement of Trade through Streatrader.

If you are selling food, other than sausages, for example: hamburgers, vegi burgers, bacon and eggs sandwiches or pancakes you will need to apply to register a temporary food premises, as this food will be classified as either Class 2 or Class 3.

What we will do

There is no longer a need for a permit or registration certificate for simple sausage sizzles.

We will record the details of your Notification and acknowledge this by email or post. If you have made application through Streatrader you will receive automated emails through this system.

You will not receive an acknowledgement from us when you lodge a statement of trade, but we will record the information you give us.

Page last updated: Monday, 2 May 2022