Food Business - Rubbish storage

Correct rubbish storage is a requirement for all food businesses.

It is a requirement under the Food Safety Standards for a food business to maintain their bin storage in a clean condition, however this is an area that is often seen as not important.

Not enough room, pickups too expensive, bags leaking, and birds getting into them are some of the reasons given when we see poor storage situations.

The ideal bin storage area can be planned when constructing a new food premise. This area should be secure, undercover, have access to hot water for bin washing, drained to sewer, and easily accessible for the truck collection.

Not all shops have this luxury but there are a few things that can be done to keep your rubbish area clean and tidy:

  • use double bags or heavy duty bags where they have been breaking

  • minimise the amount of liquid going into your waste

  • ensure bins are in a clean state, this can be achieved by washing bins onsite providing the waste water goes to sewer, or use an on-site cleaning service

  • increase collections during peak periods

  • keep lids secure and closed to prevent bird and other pest from access

  • train staff on all aspects of keeping the area tidy

  • flatten boxes to allow for better storage of waste and to reduce the likelihood of the bin overflowing.

bins overflowing
Incorrect storage of rubbish
Bin with lid closed
An example of correct rubbish storage

Under no circumstances can liquid waste or wash down water, known as trade waste, be discharged into the gutter as this enters our local waterways.

Page last updated: Thursday, 25 November 2021