Food registration at home

If you are thinking of operating a food business at home you will need to register under the Food Act, in the same way as a café, restaurant or any other fixed premises.

Business Victoria is the first step in this process to ensure you give your business idea every chance of success.

On this website, there are templates for market research for your product, for business plans, videos and related information on starting a business from home.

When you are ready registration under the Food Act and compliance with the relevant guidelines is arranged through our Environmental Health Services Unit.

You may need to deal with other parts of council including our:

  • Town Planning department to ensure that you are able to operate your business from the site you wish. There are also home based business guidelines which must be met and 
  • Building department should be contacted to determine if you need a building permit. Any building fit outs or alterations may require a building permit.

What you should be aware of

You will need to be familiar with the following information:

Minimum requirements for a home business

The requirements of a home business will generally depend on the size of the food operation and the type of food that is being handled. 

There are many variables but generally speaking you will need the following in your home for a registration at home to be considered:

  • dishwasher
  • double bowl sink
  • separate storage for your equipment and food - apart from the normal family/household food and equipment
  • ability to adequately exclude all pets from the food preparation area
  • enough room for the amount of food to be prepared and stored safely.


If you are renting at the address where you want to set up you will need to show us that the owner of the property approves of this business.


We may charge a commercial rate on land used for predominantly commercial activities. (For example: where goods are made or services provided).

Where the commercial activities are located with a predominantly residential land use, we may apply a Mixed Use Rate which is lower than the commercial rate but higher than the residential rate.

The current rates are available in our Rating Strategy.

Sale of your product

As part of your business plan you need to consider where you will sell your product. You may wish to use the Business Victoria templates to research this part of your business plan.  

What you need to do

Application process

When all planning and building requirements are met you can apply to register a premises under the Food Act.

What we will do

When the application form is received an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) will assess it.  

Our EHO may request further information and/or an inspection of the premises prior to approval being given.

When approval is given all registrations are valid to 31 December each year.

Page last updated: Thursday, 25 November 2021