Food safety at a sausage sizzle

Important information for the setting up and running of your sausage sizzle which will ensure you are selling safe food.

How to set up for a sausage sizzle

  • Food handlers must use soap and warm water to wash their hands.
  • Single use paper towel to be used to dry hands.
Necessary items for keeping food handlers hands clean and sanitised
  • Sausages must be stored below 5 degrees Celsius.
  • This means that meat must be kept in an esky with enough ice to maintain this temperature.
Food thermometer showing temperature of 12 degrees celsius while resting on uncooked sausages
  • Ensure that the thermometer is sterilised before it comes into contact with food.
  • Use alcohol swabs or boiling water to sterilise probe.
Food thermometer

What to do during your sausage sizzle


  • When cooking, make sure that raw food does not come into contact with cooked food.
  • Meat must be cooked to at least 75 degrees Celsius.
Close up image of food thermometer showing temperature of 78.6 degrees celsius while cooking sausages

Displaying and serving:

  • Different utensils and plates must be used when handling raw meat and cooked meat.

  • Food handlers must wash their hands in between handling raw and cooked meat.
Bread ready for cooked sausages in a plastic container
  • Tongs or disposable gloves must be used when handling cooked meat and ready to eat food, such as bread.

  • Disposable gloves must be changed often or immediately if they tear or if the food handler changes tasks.
Food handler putting on disposable plastic gloves

Page last updated: Tuesday, 10 August 2021