Sausage sizzles

A sausage sizzle is a popular activity for Community Groups and Charities to raise funds.

We want to support these activities wherever possible, while ensuring that all residents and visitors to Geelong have access to safe food.

This check list steps through what you need to know about running a sausage sizzle:

  1. Have you read and understood the Food Safety at a Sausage Sizzle Information?

    • This information should be made available to all volunteers helping with your bbq.

    • If you want more information or hard copies of this or other information about safe food handling please complete the feedback section below or download from the Food Safety Victoria website.

  2. Do you have the permission of the owner of the land to hold the sausage sizzle?

    • You must have permission from the owner of the land where you are conducting your sausage sizzle.

    • There are a number of businesses in Geelong who roster or approach community groups to conduct sausage sizzles on their land on a regular basis. You will need to liaise directly with the landowner and obtain their approval.

    • Sausage sizzles are sometimes part of an event, you should contact the event coordinator to obtain their approval to be part of the event.

    • If the land is owned by Council you will need to contact us for approval.    

  3. Are you cooking a simple sausage sizzle – that is sausages, bread, onion and sauce?

    • If so, this is deemed to be Class 4 food and you will need to notify us of your activity.

  4. Do you want to cook hamburgers, veggie burgers or pancakes or eggs and bacon?

  5. Your volunteers are not required to have a food handling qualification however they do need to understand safe food handling.
    Food Safety Victoria website has a free online quiz to check knowledge of safe food handling this is called Do Food Safely.

  6. Has your community group or charity previously had sausage sizzles or previously notified us?
    If you have notified us previously and there is no change to your contact details you do not need to notify us again. You will need to complete and lodge a Statement of Trade form or contact us.

  7. If you are a business wanting to run a sausage sizzle – you will need to contact our Environmental Health Unit.

Page last updated: Friday, 27 April 2018