Food registration

If you want to sell food to the public, you need to register with or notify your principal council.

If we are your Principal Council, we will assist you to obtain the appropriate food registration for the type of business or operation you are running.

Our Environmental Health Officers will assist you to understand and comply with your obligations including the Food Act and the Food Standards Code.

We can assist you if you to Start a new food business or Buy an existing food business.

High risk foods

There are various types of food operations:

The way the food is prepared and the scale of production will determine the class of food registration. Some of these classifications are pre determined but our Health Officers will assist businesses to finalise the registration.

Low risk foods

If you are selling low risk foods, such as packaged goods, you will simply have to notify us, as registration is no long required for Class 4 foods.

This can be done for: 

Page last updated: Tuesday, 25 September 2018