Food vending machines

If you are selling food from a vending machine you must either register or notify under the Food Act 1984.

If you are selling Class 2 or Class 3 food from a vending machine you will be required to be registered under the Food Act with your Principal Council.

If you are selling Class 4 food from a vending machine you will need to notify your Principal Council, through Streatrader.

What you need to do

What we will do

If you need to notify us:

  • when the form is lodged, we will acknowledge your notification, usually by email
  • provide you with food safety information. 

If you need to register your vending machine:

  • an Environmental Health Officer will assess your application
  • and contact you, usually by telephone to arrange for the machine/s to be registered under the Food Act.  

Page last updated: Thursday, 25 November 2021