Temporary and portable food registration for businesses

Are you a business intending to operate from a portable premise or site, for example, a tent, stall or marquee at an event or market?

This type of operation is considered a temporary food premises.

Food safety is essential in a portable or temporary set up. You should consider researching the range of portable hand wash stations that are available for hand wash requirements in operating in a temporary site.

If this portable or off-site operation is going to be a regular part of your business, then you may want to add a "temporary" component to your current Food Act registration.

If we are your Principal Council, you will need to speak to the Environmental Health Officer to ensure that this is possible and your Food Safety Program may need to be changed.

If your food registration does not include a temporary component, you will need to make application. There are various ways to do this and it depends on the type of food you sell in the portable structure. There is a fee associated with the registration of Class 2 and 3 temporary food premises for businesses.

If you do not know what Class of food you will be selling you can use the Department of Health's Classification Tool or contact us using the feedback section below.

You need to tell us where you are trading; that is what event/s or markets you will be attending. This is done by lodging a Statement of Trade form at least 5 days prior to the first event.

Type of food Application form Statement of trade
Class 2 or 3 Application to Register a Temporary Food Premises Statement of Trade for Temporary Food Premises
Class 4 Notification of a Temporary Food Premises Statement of Trade for Temporary Food Premises

What we will do

Your application/notification will be assessed and an approval or acknowledgement will be sent by email or mail. You may also be sent an updated copy of your Food Act Registration Certificate to include the temporary component.

The details on your Statement of Trade will be added to our records.


If you are trading outside the City of Greater Geelong or you would prefer to apply on line, you can register, using the Statewide data base Streatrader.

Page last updated: Thursday, 25 November 2021