Food Safety Programs

Food Safety Programs (FSP) are required under the Food Act by some food businesses.

This depends on the class of food  you are selling to the public.

When a food business is required to have a Food Safety Program (FSP), it must be fully implemented, including the specified records as a minimum legal requirement of the Food Act 1984. The FSP and records are designed to help you and your staff make sure that the foods you prepare, cook, reheat or store are safe for your customers at all times.

Class 1 and 2 businesses

Proprietors of Class 1 and 2 food businesses must lodge with Council, either an independent FSP (Class 1 or 2) or a Department of Health and Human Services approved Template (only for Class 2).

FSP Templates for Class 2 businesses can be:

If you have a Class 2 business and are using the Department of Health and Human Services "Food Safety Program template, no. 1, version 3", you can choose to complete the records using the templates in the FSP, or you can use the templates that have been designed to make record keeping easier for business owners.

Class 3 businesses

Proprietors of a Class 3 business are no longer required to lodge a FSP but only required to keep specified minimum records.

Regardless of the type of FSP or records kept you need to make sure they are kept on-site and are easily accessible, at all times. Penalties can be applied if these records are not on site, when we inspect the business.

Page last updated: Thursday, 25 November 2021