Temporary and portable food premises registration

Food businesses operating from a temporary or portable site, like a marquee are required to be registered or notify under the Food Act, in the same way as a food business at a fixed address. 

This includes wineries and breweries who are selling alcohol by the glass.

A Temporary Food Registration allows your club, association, charity or registered food business to sell food off-site.

Off-site means any location which is not a street address registered under the Food Act 1984.

A temporary food premises is a food premise that is a tent, stall or marquee which is not permanently fixed to a site OR a permanent structure where food is only occasionally sold from.

The public is entitled to expect the same diligence and regard for hygiene from temporary food premises operators that permanent, operating premises would afford.

The Temporary Food Premises Guidelines must be followed in the setup and sale of food from a portable site.

Temporary food registration ensures that:

  • the operator is aware of their responsibility to ensure that the preparation, storage and service of food at each venue is in accordance with specific guidelines

  • any food handler has a clear understanding of what can cause contamination and food poisoning and be able to demonstrate the methods taken to minimise these risks

  • all food is displayed, served and stored in a manner that will protect it from contamination and spoilage.

Page last updated: Thursday, 25 November 2021