Temporary and portable food registration for community groups

Community groups use events to sell food as a means of fundraising.

This information is for clubs, church groups, charities or not-for-profit groups wanting to sell food from a temporary or portable site. This could include a sausage sizzle, cake stall or fete/fair or market stall.

There are different levels of registration or notification depending on the risk and type of food you are selling.

Class 4 food

Class 4 is food which poses low risk to public health.

You will need to use FoodTrader  to notify us that you are selling this type of food.

Bunnings BBQs

There is no need to notify us if you are conducting a simple sausage sizzle at one of the Bunnings sites within the City of Greater Geelong.

Bunnings notifies us of the groups attending their BBQs and nothing further is required by the community groups.

If you are conducting a Bunnings BBQ outside the boundaries of the City of Greater Geelong, like Torquay or Werribee you may be required to lodge a FoodTrader application or Statement of Trade and you should make contact with the principal council.

Class 2 or 3 food

If you are selling Class 2 or Class 3 food, you will need to make application through FoodTrader.

If you do not know what class of food you are selling you can refer to the Department of Health website or contact us using the feedback section below.

Although not mandatory it is suggested that all of our volunteers

What we will do?

We will process your notification or application through FoodTrader, within 10 working days

If you are selling:

  • Class 2 food it is mandatory for you to use an Events Food Safety Program.
  • Class 3 food you can use this Events Food Safety Program but it is not a requirement.

Page last updated: Monday, 22 April 2024