MFMP - Improvement and plan reporting and review processes 2019-2021

Section 6 of the Municipal Fire Management Plan.

Amendment summary

Version number Amendment date Change/reason for change
01 May 2019 No change to information supplied in previous plan.

Plan endorsement and adoption

The City of Greater Geelong Municipality is the custodian of the City of Greater Geelong MFMP pursuant to current legislative arrangement. All partnership agencies involved in the development and implementation of the plan are signatories. All signatories must sign off on their respective activities, responsibilities and components of the Plan. The MFMP Committee is the owner of the plan.

The Plan must be endorsed by the MEMPC prior to submission to Council for their endorsement. This obligation may change in subsequent versions as MFMP processes evolve. Fire services must attest to the rigour of the planning processes.

Plan amendment and review

The plan is updated annually by the Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee to ensure it meets community needs and expectations. This update takes into account works completed, environmental changes and any additional risks. Significant changes, including planning mitigation works must be approved by MFMPC members and articulated through the MEMPC to Council for adoption.
The plan will be reviewed and amended:

  • Annually in association with the MEMP
  • Changes to the VFRR-B data will be updated in the plan
  • The MFMPC will review the implementation of the treatments applied to VFRR-B identified risks by each agency (as appropriate)
  • Requirement for additional or alternative treatments to mitigate identified risks will be assessed
  • Following significant incident’s if required
  • As directed by the State or Regional Fire Committees
  • As required by legislation.

Note: For administration purposes, Council will be asked to adopt this plan every three years rather than each time the plan is amended.

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