MFMP - Municipal fire management objectives

Section 4 of the Municipal fire Management Plan.

Amendment summary

Version number Amendment date Change/reason for change
01 May 2019 The objectives of the previous plan was removed and replaced with the objectives and outcomes as detailed in the Barwon South West Regional Strategic Fire Management Plan

4.1 Alignment to regional objectives

The Barwon South West Fire Sub Committee has reviewed the objectives and identified the following priority regional values at risk from bushfire following the PIPE$ model. These values are listed in the Barwon South West Strategic Fire Management Plan 2016:

P - People

  • Community assets. Including community houses, hospitals, school, caravan parks, accommodation facilities and commercial outlets
  • Townships. Including coastal, hinterland and urban (interface)
  • Vulnerable communities. Such as tourists, older people, disabled people, absentee homeowners, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (ATSI) and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD)

I – Infrastructure

  • Essential services. Including water and energy supply, telecommunications and sewage systems
  • Hospitals and social infrastructure
  • Regionally significant roads and bridges

P – Public Administration

  • Capability and capacity for agencies, councils and service providers to be maintained before during and after bushfire events
  • Health services
  • Cross agency planning and response

E – Environment and Cultural Heritage

  • National Parks including indigenous flora, fauna and sites of significance
  • Water Quality for example: water catchments and environmental systems for ecological benefits and potable use
  • Listed/significant environmental assets including RAMSAR wetlands
  • Threatened species and communities, regionally significant wetlands etc. Cultural heritage
  • Indigenous heritage sites
  • European heritage sites
  • Historic townships

$ - Economic

  • Major Industries
  • Farming
  • Road, rail, shipping ports and airports

4.2 Outcomes

The primary outcomes of this Plan are aligned to the regional outcomes as follows:

  • Planning Together (Increased participation by the fire management stakeholders including the community)
  • Support Community Based Planning (Increased community ownership of fire management planning)
  • Building Knowledge and Capacity (Increased capability and interoperability between fire management stakeholders and government)
  • Planning Together (Increased Coordination within and across planning levels)
  • Planning Together (Increased collaboration in the monitoring and review of plans)
  • Implementing Collaboratively & Using Fire (Fire Risks and their Treatments are collaboratively identified, agreed and implemented)

This MFMP is a strategic document that identifies communities and assets at risk through an Environmental Risk Scan and is a sub-plan of Council’s MEMP, using the VFRR-B tool to identify assets at risk from bushfire and current treatments to reduce this risk. Treatments include such tasks as hazard reduction, community education, fuel management, property planning and preparedness programs, building control, enforcement etc.

The CFA Act 1958 has set a number of requirements in sections 55A and 43

  • To prevent the occurrence of fire and to minimise the danger of the spread of fire on and from, any land, road or property vested in it or under control, care or management of the City of Greater Geelong
  • To identify areas, buildings and land use in the City of Greater Geelong which are at particular risk in case of fire
  • To specify how each risk is to be treated;
  • To specify who is responsible for treating those risks.

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