MFMP - Summary of the environmental scan

Section 3 of the Municipal Fire Management Plan.

Amendment summary

Version number Amendment date Change/reason for change
01 March 2019 Amended date in heading to reflect current span of plan.
Updated 3.4 climate data.
Removed last sentence 3.5 re population.
Removed table in 3.6 and minor amendments to text.
Removed table in 3.7 and minor amendments to text.
Removed table in3.7 and removed paragraph re graph.
Completely removed 3.7.1 growth projection.
Added wording re latest information still available. (Page 23)
Removed paragraph in 3.10 on built environment, minor alterations.
Removed 12 paragraphs of information 3.11 Hoarding
Removed Notes 2 & 3 and italic paragraphs from 3.12 Vulnerable People
Removed 2 paragraphs from 3.13.2 What is Dangerous Goods
Removed entire section 3.13.3
Changed dates for FIRS Data 3.15, added sentence on largest amount of house fires, Removed word Bush from above Fire History
Added 6 examples of fires to Fire History 3.15
Deleted table 3.15.1 and replaced with new table

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