MFMP - Engagement and Communications

Section 2 of the Municipal Fire Management Plan.

Amendment summary

Version number Amendment date Change/reason for change
01 March 2019 Change of years in heading to reflect current span of plan.
Additions and alterations to MFMPC members (2.1).

The production of the City of Greater Geelong MFMP is a collaboration by the members of the MFMPC made up of representatives from the City of Greater Geelong, CFA, DELWP, Victoria Police, Parks Victoria, Regional Roads Victoria, Barwon Water, the Borough of Queenscliff and others.

As a sub-plan of the City of Greater Geelong Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) the MFMP was then presented to the MEMPC a committee with broader representation that includes VICSES, DHHS, as well as the aforementioned City of Greater Geelong, and CFA.

Community and organisational engagement is undertaken to inform the planning process by identifying areas of risk; values to be protected and community and organisational fire management needs.

The City of Greater Geelong MFMPC Communications Strategy has been developed to enhance communication and stakeholder engagement using IAP2 principles outlined below.


Provide appropriate detailed and accurate information to assist stakeholders develop a shared understanding of the complexity of issues, alternatives and possible solutions.


Utilise stakeholder expertise and diversity to obtain input into analysis, alternatives and develop key decisions.


Work directly with the suite of key stakeholders throughout the various processes to ensure key issues and intent are understood and considered.


Partner with key stakeholders in each aspect of decision making.  This includes the development of alternatives,   the identification of contributions and priority actions with a clear understanding of the responsibilities of each stakeholder.


Foster and promote transparent and accountable processes that allow each stakeholder organisation to empower themselves through key actions and the implementation of responsibilities.

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