Foreword by CEO

Foreword by Martin Cutter, our Chief Executive Officer, in the Municipal Fire Management Plan.

The purpose of this document is to chart the planned and co-ordinated implementation of measures that will minimise the occurrence, and mitigate the effect, of bushfire, grassfires, residential and industrial fires on the community.

This plan seeks to reflect the direction emanating from the State sponsored Integrated Fire Management Planning (IFMP) project to deliver an increased integrated approach to all fire issues between agencies and the community. Through a continuous improvement philosophy of agencies and enhanced community feedback, the plan will progressively close the gap between identified risks and on ground treatments over the next planning cycle of three years.

Fire Management Planning (prevention and preparedness) is a vital component in the protection of life and property against loss caused by fire.  No matter how well trained and equipped Fire Brigades are, the greatest factor in limiting fire damage is the extent to which Fire Management Planning measures have been carried out before the event of fire. This document also identifies plans relevant to the response and recovery phases of fire events.

To be effective, everyone in the community must practice fire prevention, and where it involves a number of people there must be coordinated planning. This document is designed to provide a strategy for the co-ordination of fire prevention measures. As well as being relevant to the community generally, it particularly concerns relevant public authorities such as the City of Greater Geelong, Department of Environment Land Water & Planning, Victoria Police, Regional Roads Victoria, Barwon Water, the Public Transport Corporation, Powercor, Work Cover, together with local Country Fire Authority Brigades and the Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee, when planning fire prevention for their areas of responsibility.

Senior representatives from all the agencies mentioned in the plan at a regional level and those representing their agencies formally on the MFMPC are required to formally sign off the plan.
The effect of this action is that these organisations are indicating that all the plans/risk treatments and their associated commitments in personnel and monetary or other resources are reflected in their organization priorities, budgets and works programs. The ‘who, how, when, what, and where’ of these commitments will be delivered as set out in the Municipal Fire Management Plan.

It is acknowledged that Council’s Municipal Fire Prevention Officers do not have the legislative authority to enforce other agencies to fulfil their obligations.

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