Pay an infringement or fine

There are several options available to you to pay your infringement or fine.

Payment must be made in full, and can only be made if the fine has not been referred to court for prosecution.

Payment can be made for any of these infringement types:
  • Animal (for example: 80003331)
  • Fire Prevention (for example: 90003331)
  • Food Act (for example: 60003331)
  • Litter - Environment Protection Act (for example: 60003331)
  • Neighbourhood Amenity Local Law (for example: 40003331)
  • Parking (for example: 50003331)
  • Public Health and Wellbeing Act (for example: 60003331)
  • Tobacco Act (for example: 60003331)
Parking infringement ticket

How you can pay

You can make a payment online using Visa or MasterCard.

Please note

  1. Payment online can only be accepted two business days after the issue date.
  2. All payments made by credit and debit cards will incur a 0.46 percent charge to enable Council to recover the cost of merchant fees charged by financial institutions.

What will you need

You will require a copy of your Infringement Notice.

Please find your infringement number which is located on the notice. 


  • You will find step by step instructions as you go through the payment process.
  • Fields marked with a * require information to be provided.
  • At the end you will be given a reference number.
  • Receipts for online payments are not available, however you can either print the final screen or note down the details for future reference.
  • Close the browser window when you are finished.
  • When using the service we recommend that you use the navigation buttons provided within the screens.
  • Use of the 'enter' key in some screens may have unexpected results.

By phone

You can contact us on 03 5272 4090 and follow the prompts to pay using your Visa or Mastercard. 

Page last updated: Thursday, 4 November 2021