Appeal against an infringement or fine

You may appeal or contest any infringement notice you receive from the City of Greater Geelong.

If you believe you should not have received an infringement, the appeal options available to you are:

Appeal online

or by post to:

City of Greater Geelong
GPO Box 425

Notification of the outcome of your appeal will be sent to the postal address you provide prior to any further action being taken.

All communication in relation to appealing an infringement needs to be in writing or on-line. The appeal process usually takes 21 to 28 working days and you will be advised by correspondence of the outcome.

If you are not satisfied with the response you received as a result of your appeal, you have the right to elect to have the matter heard and determined in Court upon written notification being forwarded to the same postal address above.

Please note: Objecting to an infringement does not mean that the penalty notice has or will be waived. The penalty notice remains outstanding until you receive notification in writing of the outcome of the investigation.

Parking infringements

Before appealing against a parking infringement it is important to ensure that you understand the road rules in relation parking.

To assist with the appeals process in relation to your penalty infringement, you should tell us:

  • your infringement number
  • your vehicle registration number
  • the date of issue on your infringement
  • the driver/owner details of the vehicle
  • your full postal address
  • whether you have read Parking - The Road Rules and You brochure
  • the circumstances which led to you being issued with a Penalty Infringement Notice.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 12 April 2022