Penalty infringement notices

Penalty infringement notices (PINs) may be issued for a variety of reasons.

When you break a law, regulation or local law you may be issued with a Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN).

We have a number of local Laws that you can view in our Neighbourhood Amenity Local Law 2014.

Infringement types

Infringements can be issued in relation to:

  • breaches detected under the Domestic Animals Act
  • parking breaches of Road Rules Victoria
  • Local laws.
  • Environment Protection Act

Infringement appeals

If you feel you have been infringed unfairly you may appeal or contest an infringement notice.

To find out if you have good grounds to appeal/contest, contact our Customer Service Centre Team to pick up a brochure that outlines the reasons people are issued with infringements and when it is deemed worthy to appeal or not.

If you believe that there is a good reason why you should not pay the infringement notice issued to you, you or a person authorised on your behalf may apply for an internal review of the notice.

Any appeal should be either in writing or you may appeal online.

After your appeal is lodged you will receive a letter of acknowledgement. This letter details the process to you and advises that while the appeal is being reviewed the infringement is placed 'on hold' and you do not need to pay for your infringement until a decision has been made.

The Ombudsman will review all information provided and provide written advice to you on the outcome of the appeal.

If your appeal is unsuccessful, you will be advised of a new due date for payment.

Further appeals

If you are not satisfied with the response from the Ombudsman, you will need to take the matter to court as it states in the Ombudman's letter of response.

Infringement payment options

Payment for infringements can be made:

  • online
  • in person
  • by mail.

If you meet certain criteria, an infringement payment plan can be arranged.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 17 November 2020