Infringement payment plans

An infringement payment plan gives you the opportunity to pay for infringements in manageable amounts at fortnightly payment intervals.

If you have been served with an infringement notice you may apply to pay the infringement penalty (and any prescribed costs) through a payment plan or extension of time for payment.


You may be eligible for a payment plan under Section 46 of the Infringements Act or a payment arrangement under part 5 of the Fines Reform Act 2014.


Payment plan applications

We may consider approving an Infringement Payment Plan where you can show that full payment by the due date may cause financial hardship.

Sufficient information will need to be provided to support the Infringement Payment Plan Application so that we may make an accurate assessment of your claim.

In some circumstances we must offer you an Infringement Payment Plan if you make an application.

These circumstances are where you are the holder of a:

  • Centrelink Health Care Card (the card must be produced to verify the claim)
  • Pensioner Concession Card (the card must be produced to verify the claim)
  • Department of Veteran Affairs Concession Card (the card must be produced to verify the claim)

To discuss your eligibility for a payment plan please contact 03 5272 4090.

Should your application be approved, a letter of confirmation of the agreed payment plan will be mailed to you setting out:

  • Page 1
    Approval and conditions of your payment plan
    Payment advice details on how and where to pay
  • Page 2
    Payment Plan Cases: the infringement/s included in this payment arrangement
  • Page 3
    Your Payment Plan Schedule: lists the due date and amount due for each payment

When an application can be lodged

You may apply for an Infringement Payment Plan prior to:

  • the infringement being referred to the Fines Victoria  or
  • documentation being issued to bring the infringement before the Magistrates’ Court.

Payment plan requirements

An Infringement Payment Plan may provide for the payment of an infringement penalty and any prescribed costs by:

  • fortnightly instalments or
  • allowing an extension of time to pay or
  • both instalments and extension of time.

An Infringement Payment Plan commences when the first payment under the plan is received.

Default arrangements

To avoid a payment plan defaulting it is important to ensure that payments are made by the due date.

If any payment is not received by the due date, you are classed as a default payer.

A default letter will be mailed to you seeking the overdue payment together with the next scheduled payment.

If payment is not then received notification will be mailed advising that your payment plan has been cancelled.

The infringement/s will then be placed back into the life cycle where additional costs may be incurred and the infringement/s may progress to Court.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 6 April 2021