Emergency and Evacuation Policy

Emergency and Evacuation Policy Document no: r 97, 168 2 (e)
Approval date: Feb 2018
Approved by: Family Services Manager
Review date:   August 2020
Responsible Officer: Early Childhood Coordinator Version no:   01
Authorising Officer: Manager Family Services

1. Purpose

The City of Greater Geelong Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) services, acknowledge the importance of clear procedures and policies in the event of an unexpected incident that poses a risk to children, educators or staff.

2. Scope

All services:

An emergency is defined in this context as an unexpected, unplanned or sudden event or situation that requires immediate action to prevent harm, injury or illness to a person or damage to the services environment.

3. References

  • Education and Care National Regulations 2011
  • Amendments 2017
  • Education and Care National Law Act 2010
  • Amendments 2017
  • Education and Care National Quality Standard

4. ECEC Policy

In all services, Management will:

  • Display up to date emergency evacuation procedures, including evacuation floor plans and instructions available at each exit.
  • Ensure all new staff, students, volunteers  are provided with the emergency  procedures on induction.
  • Ensure every service has working emergency equipment suitable to the service’s needs.
  • Every service has access to a working telephone to be used to contact emergency services in the event of an emergency or incident.
  • Ensure Emergency Management Plans (EMP) are completed and reviewed annually.
  • Complete a risk assessment in order to identify potential emergencies that are relevant to each service.
  • Ensure smoke detectors or alarms are checked regularly.
  • Ensure educators have access to an evaluation form that is completed and stored after each emergency evacuation drill.
  • Provide support to educators, children and families in the event of an emergency incident, during and after the event has taken place.
  • Follow up notification with Regulatory Authority as soon as is practicable, but absolutely within 24 hours of incident.

In all services, Educators will:

  • Ensure all staff, students, volunteers and visitors are familiar with the emergency evacuation policies and procedures, including the position of all exits and emergency equipment.
  • Practice emergency evacuation procedures once every three months (minimum) at various times and days of the week. This needs to be documented and evaluated. These emergency procedures may include both onsite and offsite evacuations and lockdowns.
  • Ensure children are aware of the need to practice emergency drills without alarming the children or causing undue stress.

5. Quality Records

See City of Greater Geelong ECEC services handbook

  • Excursion forms
  • Risk assessment forms

6. Attachments


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