Event marketing tips

One of the key elements to consider in determining marketing tactics is the audience you are trying to attract. 

Try using these tips to help you determine which marketing opportunities to pursue. 

A community street party will require a significantly different approach from a festival or a triathlon.

The most important thing is to be realistic about what can be achieved with whatever budget you might have.

Smaller community events

Consider things such as:

  • letter box drops in the local area

  • advertisements in community newspapers

  • web and social media promotion and engagement

  • signage in local shops, community centres, etc

  • word of mouth promotion through community organisations

  • any free promotions

  • maximise opportunities offered by regional groups and tourism bodies to extend the reach of your event’s promotion.

Larger events

There are many more opportunities:

  • list your event in as many event calendars as possible

  • advertise your event – make sure people know it is on!

  • seek editorial promotion for your event – including pre event and at the event coverage

  • develop a suite of products, tools and collateral (posters, postcards and fliers etc) to assist you raise the profile of your event

  • maximise opportunities offered by regional groups and tourism bodies to extend the reach of your event’s promotion

  • cast as wide a promotional net as possible – people will travel for big events

  • consider television including regional television

  • seek additional funding for your event – this may help you increase your event’s promotion.

Use the Web

The Internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunity as a powerful medium for advertising and promotion. A well designed website can be a real asset to event organisers. Whether it is a simple information site, which can be reached via any one of the numerous events calendar listings, or a fully fledged ticketing / interactive site linked to social media, it does extend your potential to appeal to a broader demographic and potentially attract a greater number of people to your event.

However, if your website or social media accounts cannot be maintained efficiently, are not accurate or kept up-to-date, you may be doing more harm than having none at all, as badly designed, out of date or non functional sites can be an event deterrent.

You can still utilise the online calendar and events sites for listings – just link it to an email address for enquiries and make sure someone checks that address regularly – and responds!

Page last updated: Friday, 1 October 2021