Event signage

The following opportunities relate to visual aids and signage offered by the City which can be used throughout the region to increase the awareness of your event.

Mobile billboards

We have three mobile billboards available for promotional use by not-for-profit organisations or event organisers promoting non-commercial events. The mobile billboards are hired for a two-week period, and subject to availability. Extensions may be available.

The dimensions for the mobile billboard are 6.1 metres long and 3.2 metres high and each mobile billboard is provided with a locking device to prevent unauthorised towing.

Two billboard hire options are available:

  1. double sided use
  2. single sided use. 

Four sites have been identified as suitable for the positioning of the billboards. They are:

  • Kardinia Park (LaTrobe Terrace)
  • Eastern Park – at Ryrie Street
  • Waterfront Geelong (The Esplanade)
  • Torquay Road turnoff (Corner Settlement Road, Belmont)

Additional sites may be considered and approved at our discretion.

All mobile billboard ‘skin’ designs must carry the City of Greater Geelong’s branding in a consistent footer and conform to our Style Guide.

Our Communications and Marketing Department must approve mobile billboard skin designs, prior to the production of the skin. Approval is dependent on compliance with the standards set.

Artwork should be submitted as a PDF.

The cost to use the mobile billboard for a two week period is approximately $1,500 for a single side and $2,500 for two sides. These costs cover the development of the event skin, installation, rental and location charges. An organisation may only use a maximum of two billboards at one time, subject to availability. Costs can vary depending of the length of use and number of locations required.

For further information or to book roadside billboards, please contact:

City of Greater Geelong – Communications and Marketing
Helen Kirk
Telephone: 03 5272 4831
Fax: 03 5272 4808
Email: [email protected]

Banner Program

Our banner program allows for visibility, impact, promotion and recognition of your event or program throughout the municipality. Banners are an effective means of creating a strong visual presence and establishing an identity.

City of Greater Geelong banner poles are available for hire by organisations wishing to publicise forthcoming events, activities, or campaigns that we consider appropriate.

Banners are not to be used purely for the promotion of commercial businesses or commercial promotions.

Banners should be used to:

  • enhance the City’s visual attractiveness, style and sophistication by decorating and enlivening the Geelong region
  • reinforce the City as a major destination for events and festivals
  • convey a sense of activity and creativity
  • convey information about cultural, community, sporting, recreational or tourist events, festivals and major activities 
  • promote the Geelong region as a great place to visit, live and play.

Banner poles are available for hire at times when the City of Greater Geelong does not require them. Banners cannot be displayed for a period of more than four weeks. The City of Greater Geelong reserves the right to accept or reject applications. The City Banner Program operates on a non-profit basis and aims to recover operating costs. Applications should be made as early as possible but at least three months prior to the proposed installation date.

Design guidelines

All costs relating to the artwork and production of banners are to be met by the hirer.

Banners are a decorative medium and not intended to be used solely to advertise products, services or individuals. They are an adjunct to other promotional material and therefore require individual designs.

The City’s Communications and Marketing team has samples of approved banner designs that can be viewed on request. Please telephone 03 5272 4831 during business hours to arrange a time.

To help make your design more effective it is recommended that:

  • graphics be simple and bold
  • text be used where it forms part of the established image of the event or logo
  • text be large enough to be read from a distance
  • dates and venues be avoided, as they are difficult to read
  • montages, slogans and extended text should be avoided
  • white backgrounds be avoided as they soil easily and diffuse against the greyness of the city inhibiting the legibility of whatever image is featured.

Material deemed to be inappropriate or offensive to the community at large, or to any sector of the community, will not be permitted.

For further information on the City’s Banner Program, contact:

City of Greater Geelong – Communications and Marketing
Helen Kirk
Telephone: 03 5272 4831
Fax: 03 5272 4808
Email: [email protected]

Over-pass signage

The City, via Tourism Greater Geelong and the Bellarine, has two overpass signs – one at Stead Park and the other at The Arena over the Princes Freeway. The overpass signs are contractually only allowed to be used for major events and conferences that are coming to Geelong, that attract at least 50 per cent non-local visitation.

The signs are to welcome these visitors to Geelong.

Overpass signage is to be used for non-commercial use only. Event sponsor logos are not allowed on the signs as this is deemed advertising, and the signs have to stay within a set graphic format.

The over-pass signs are not permitted to be used for local, community events, unless the event attracts a large proportion of spectators from outside the region. Major community, tourism or promotional events with external significance such as the Pako Festa, Festival of Sails and the Geelong Multisport Festival can be deemed appropriate for use of the signage.

The costs to use the over-pass signs are:

  • Stead Park Overpass - approximately $1500
  • Arena Overpass - $2,200

This cost covers the production of the sign, installation onto the overpass, traffic management controllers, development of a Traffic Diversion Plan and removal of the sign.

The signs generally are put up two days to a week prior to the event and are taken down one day after the event.

For further information or to request an overpass sign, contact:

Tourism Greater Geelong and the Bellarine
Mark Day – Tourism Services
Level 1
48 Brougham Street
Geelong VIC 3220
Telephone: 03 5244 7119
Fax: 03 5223 2069
Email: [email protected]

Community Promotion Signs (roadside billboards)

We have a number of sites throughout the municipality available for the promotion of community events for not-for-profit organisations. These signs can be booked for $130 for up to 4 signs for up to 4 weeks, depending on availability.

Please refer to our Community Promotion Signs page for more details.

Page last updated: Thursday, 12 August 2021