Financial support for events

Gaining sufficient funding for your event may be the key to not only proceeding from the outset, but also putting in place a solid foundation to ensure growth.

Depending on the nature of the event there are numerous funding avenues to explore. These fall into the categories of:

  • public (federal, state or local government)
  • private enterprise or
  • philanthropy.

With such a significant annual calendar of events, the demand on corporate citizens and government groups for support is high. Prominent local businesses and major companies are regularly targeted for financial support by event organisers and it’s important to think carefully about which to approach.

Rather than automatically targeting the high profile corporate identities, think outside the square and consider others who may be more willing to support your event. The other important factor is to allow plenty of lead-time, to not only complete a funding sponsorship application, but to give the company/government body time to consider your application within timelines.

Another tip: funding bodies and government agencies usually have funding rounds throughout the year. There are deadlines attached for submissions that are usually well in advance of funding announcements. So be prepared and plan ahead. Don’t leave it to the last minute.

Opportunities for funding support within the City

The following funding programs are offered by the City of Greater Geelong.

Please refer to the guidelines and eligibility criteria associated with each to determine which program best suits your event.

Here are the details for the Community Events Grants Fund.

Opportunities for regional events funding

The Regional Events Fund will secure and develop a strong calendar of regional events for Victoria that align with the state and regional tourism brands and have the ability to drive economic impact through the attraction of intrastate, interstate and international visitation.

Visit Victoria and the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR) will administer the Regional Events Fund.

Applicants are invited to submit an Expression of Interest in order for Visit Victoria to undertake an initial assessment against program eligibility and assessment and provide applicants with feedback prior to the submission of a full funding application.

  • Regional Events Fund Guidelines

Please email: [email protected] to request an Expression of Interest form.

Other local event funding opportunities

Geelong Connected Communities [GCC] recognises the positive effect that local events have on the Geelong Community.  Local events have an ability to showcase our region, encourage visitors, increase community morale, and celebrate our diverse and unique community whilst boosting the local economy.

Event Sponsorships are provided to assist with the running and development of community events, activities and festivals.

Preparing an application or proposal for financial support

Be prepared to provide significant detail of the event in any application for financial support or sponsorship. Keep in mind that large organisations and government departments receive countless requests for support each month. To ensure the application meets the funding criteria include as much supportive material as possible. This could include letters of support from local/regional tourist bodies, arts or sports agencies and other supporters.

If the event has previously been staged, it is valuable to include photographs, video footage or audience evaluation results to support the application or request. In addition, any media coverage of the event and examples of marketing collateral (including sponsor brand recognition) is a good idea.

Page last updated: Friday, 11 March 2022