Fundraising and your event

There are requirements related to fundraising at events.

Trade promotion lottery

Some events have a lottery promotion associated with the event. Where the prize is valued over $5,000 a Trade Promotion Lottery Permit has to be obtained from the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation.

Check with the Commission to see if your event lottery or fundraising activity requires a permit.

Lotteries or fundraisers that may require a permit include:

  • Barrel draws
  • Spinning wheels
  • Scratch ‘n’ win tickets and
  • 1900 telephone calls

Permits are issued for the duration of the promotion to a maximum of twelve months.

If the total prize value is $5,000 or less and a permit is not required, the lottery must still be conducted in accordance with the regulations.

The rules for conducting community and charitable gaming activities are set out in the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 and the Gambling Regulation Regulations 2005.

Applications can be made for a Trade Promotion Lottery Permit through the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation.

Minor gaming permits

Community and charitable organisations can obtain approval to undertake certain activities that would otherwise be illegal, such as raffles, bingo, lucky envelopes or fundraising events (for example: casino night). These activities are described as 'minor gaming' and will require a Minor Gaming Permit.

To apply for a permit the organisation first needs to complete an Application for Declaration as a Community or Charitable Organisation Form.

A Minor Gaming Permit application needs to be lodged at least three weeks before the start date of the activity.

If your organisation has not been declared a community or charitable organisation you need to lodge the Application for Declaration as a Community or Charitable Organisation and the Minor Gaming Permit Application, at least seven weeks before the start date of the activity.

Visit the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation website, or you can send an email ([email protected]) or phone 03 9651 3630 for assistance and information.

One-off fundraising activities under $5,000

Fundraising activities that do not qualify for a Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation permit are still likely to require approval from Public Fundraising Regulatory Association.

Face to face fundraising is regulated by state and territory governments. These regulations ensure that charities and professional fundraising agencies comply with a range of licensing and disclosure requirements, which may vary from state to state.

How Face to Face Fundraising Works explains how a representative of a charity should approach members of the public, either in a street, at their front door or in a shopping centre, and ask whether they would like to become a regular donor to the charity.

Roadside collection – tin shaking permit

The law prohibits people from standing on a road for the purpose of collecting money, otherwise known as highway collections (tin rattling). However, a permit may be obtained through Victoria Police.

A permit is needed for any person or organisation wanting to collect donations of money from the public, usually in relation to a charitable cause:

  • While vehicles are stopped at traffic signals; and
  • The collections will be made while collectors are standing on a road; or
  • Will be collected from members of the public traveling on the road by the collectors moving on to the road

Highway collections are regulated by law to ensure that they are coordinated and safe. Coordination is overseen by Councils Local Laws Department.

Victoria Police require the City’s approval to process the permit application. As part of this process you will need to provide a copy of your public liability insurance (minimum $20 million value).

Contact our Health and Local Laws Unit by email ([email protected]) or telephone on 03 5272 5272.

You may also need to contact VicRoads and Victoria Police for approval:

Page last updated: Friday, 12 April 2024