Business initiatives during major events

Consider how your business can benefit from the staging of an event or options to adapt your standard business practices to capitalise on the opportunities events present.

Events have the potential to draw many visitors to Geelong.

Some of the opportunities businesses could consider include:

  • Can your business extend to the event site – offering services such as food, beverages, retail opportunities or specialists services such as medical support?    
  • What are the event’s hours of operations? It may pay to consider opening your business earlier or extend your hours of operation during event times. For instance, if a fun run is starting early in the morning, and your business can offer food and drinks to the participants and accompanying persons this could reap rewards for your business.

Maximise your business

The City encourages business owners to work with event organisers to leverage opportunities.

Some events will create opportunities for local businesses to register their interest in being involved. Others are keen to be contacted by local business owners with ideas on how they could support the event.

The key here is to understand the event. If you’re not sure – ask the event organiser.

The City encourages event organisers to use, wherever possible and comparable, local service providers and businesses when sourcing products, services or facilities for an event.

To maximise the benefits achievable form events, procurement from Geelong-based businesses and providers is critical.

Events of national or international significance

A number of the events staged in Geelong have national or international significance.

Hosting events of this magnitude offer local businesses opportunities in potentially new market places.

To maximise these opportunities, it could be a good opportunity to prepare your business to trade with new customers or customers looking for more or different services to your usual trade.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 10 February 2021