Event Support

Planning an event in Geelong or looking for business initiatives to support your business during major events? This is the section for you!

We have developed a series of resources that explore:

  1. Marketing opportunities specific to the Geelong region
  2. Tourism incentives for event organisers and their target market
  3. Business initiatives for event organisers during periods of major events.

Not all of the opportunities identified in this section will be relevant or appropriate for your event. They are intended to provide you with ideas and inspiration (and the contacts) to assist you in the successful delivery of your event.

Marketing support resources to support you include:

  • developing an event marketing plan
  • PR – What is it? And how do I make it work for my event?
  • advertising your event effectively
  • tips to help determine which marketing opportunities to pursue
  • information on printed publications in Geelong to promote your event
  • information on radio stations in Geelong to promote your event
  • using the City’s signage program to promote your event
  • other promotional mechanisms in Geelong
  • sponsorship and events
  • where can I seek financial support for my event?
  • fundraising for your event
  • evaluating your event
  • types and techniques of evaluation
  • where you can list your event for free!

We have also included tools and templates for events marketing including:

  • a checklist for a sponsorship proposal
  • City of Greater Geelong Contacts
  • developing an Evaluation Report for your event, step-by-step
  • Geelong's Media Contacts
  • preparing an event survey guidelines
  • a template for an events marketing budget
  • a template for an events marketing plan
  • a template for post event promotional evaluation.

Tourism support helps you:

  • identify accommodation options for Geelong
  • introduce Tourism Greater Geelong and the Bellarine
  • suggest tours or activities for visitors to do while in Geelong.

The Business support area covers:

  • business tips and suggestions during major events
  • major events and your staff
  • major events and your workplace
  • permits and licences during major events
  • showcasing your business.

While the City has collated this information, the inclusion of third-party details should not be taken as an endorsement of the service provider by the City. To confirm the suitability of these opportunities for your event, you should contact the listed supplier direct to discuss your particular requirements.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 30 April 2024