Traffic management - communication

For events where roads are closed or changed traffic conditions apply, you need to communicate these changes to the public - including residents and businesses.

It's also a good idea to communicate how people can access areas impacted by road closures.

Traffic communication plans

You may also need to develop and implement a Traffic Communication Plan. This plan will demonstrate how you will communicate changed traffic conditions and access arrangements to residents and traders.

One of our Events Officers can provide you with a document that outlines your responsibilities as an event organiser and the minimum communication requirements.

The road authority Victorian Regional Roads must approve the placement of variable message signs (VMS) on roads prior to their implementation.

Pedestrian crossover points

Pedestrian crossover points are used to assist people to safely cross a road. You must:

  • include crossover points in your Traffic Management Plan
  • locate crossover points at existing traffic lights or pedestrian cross ways. Ensure  the footpath is suitable for prams, wheelchairs and general foot traffic
  • ensure crossover points are signed and visible from a distance
  • assign a marshal to each crossover point that is in a vest and knowledgeable to assist the public to cross when safe to do so
  • include crossover points on your public event program and site plan.

Page last updated: Friday, 29 May 2020