Safety Officers roles at events

Regulation 210 of the Building Regulations 2018 outlines the conditions that may apply to an Occupancy Permit for a Place of Public Entertainment.

This includes the engagement and responsibilities of qualified Safety Officers to be in attendance at the event to provide the safety of the attending public.

Qualified Safety Officers

A qualified Safety Officer needs to have passed a formal training course that is currently being offered by Fire Equipment Services (FES) and is a commercial unit of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) in Melbourne.

Fire Equipment Services (FES) provides training and compliance in fire safety and designed for persons assigned to the role as a Safety Officer – Place of Public Entertainment (SO – POPE).

Persons who successfully demonstrate competence upon completing the course will be eligible for a Statement of Attainment as a ‘SO – POPE’.

Responsibilities of the Safety Officer

Safety Officers who have been engaged to be in attendance at an event with a POPE Permit must ensure that prior to commencement of the event, they review a copy of the POPE Permit and its conditions.

The Safety Officer should be very familiar with your site layout, the events emergency and risk management plans and the venues evacuation plans prior to the event.

You should ensure your event Safety Officer is easily identifiable at all times (high visibility jacket with title of Safety Officer).

The Safety Officer should inspect the site, prior to the public arriving to identify any safety issues and then report them to the event manager to be fixed in a timely manner. You may consider engaging a Safety Officer to assist in the development of your event's Risk Assessment and Emergency Management / Evacuation Plans.

Depending on the duration and numbers of people expected to attend, there may be a requirement for more then one Safety Officer.

The Municipal Building Surveyor will nominate the initial number required, however you will need to take into account the numbers required should a shift change be required due to the length of the event.

A comprehensive list of the Safety Officer's responsibilities is provided in the Safety Officer Fact Sheet which is provided along with the POPE Permit application form.

Safety Officers will need to provide evidence of their competencies to perform the duties of a Safety Officer at the nominated event.

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