Recycling Plan

Recycling Plans can be incorporated into your event's Waste Management Plan.  

Why should waste be recycled at your event?

Recycling at the event shows the participants, spectators and general community that you are taking responsibility for the impact of the event on the local environment.

Recycling also lessens the event’s environmental footprint.

The City of Greater Geelong strongly encourages the recycling of waste generated at events.

How can waste be recycled?

The Barwon Region Waste Management Group can help you with best practice waste management. Download a free action plan template and support pack.

This information should be transferred to your pre event Waste Management Planning.

Complete the checklist and communicate to your event participants about the type of materials that can or cannot be brought to the event.

Calculate the amount of rubbish generated at the event.

Order the number of mobile garbage bins required to collect the waste.

Allocate the bins to accommodate the amount of rubbish estimated will be generated at the event. For example if it is estimated that 70% of the waste generated will be recyclable plastic and glass then allocated 70% of the bins for this purpose.

Book the red and yellow bin caps that differentiate the bins. (Red is for general rubbish; yellow is for recyclable plastic and glass.)

Cardboard should be flattened, weighted and stored at the back of the stalls by the event participants and collected prior to the event opening, during (if necessary) and then again at the end of the event.

Show on your Site Plan the position of allocated bins and the optimal locations for red and yellow bins. They are often positioned together in high traffic areas, i.e. near food courts.

Book the skips to collect the red and yellow streams of rubbish. There is a choice of skip sizes and it should be estimated how much rubbish your event will generate so that the correct skips sizes can be ordered. Note the position these skips on your Site Plan.

How do I book the red and yellow caps?

Events bin caps (these are the red and yellow rubbish and recycling caps that sit on top of wheelie bins) are available to support the waste system.

Caps can be booked from GDP Industries in North Geelong. The booking form can also be downloaded from the Barwon Regional Waste Management website.

If further assistance or advice is required in developing the events recycling waste management plan contact:

Barwon Regional Waste Management Group
Regional Education Officer
T: 03 5277 9656
F: 03 5277 9979
E: [email protected]
E: [email protected]

A new online Sustainable Events Planner has been developed by the Sustainable Living Foundation.

Summary of how to include recycling in your waste management plan

  1. Plan to recycle: Download the checklist and support pack.   

  2. Communicate to event participants about the Waste Management Plan:
    Include this information in Expression of Interest forms, contracts etc.

  3. Estimate and order and the amount and size of equipment needed:
    This includes mobile garbage bins, caps and skips. Hint: different coloured liners for the two types of bins helps the cleaners to put the right rubbish in the right skip.

  4. Communicate the final plans to the event cleaners and your event supervisors. 

Page last updated: Friday, 29 May 2020