Event Plan - why you need one

Every event regardless of its size and nature needs an Event Plan.

Your Event Plan is a collection of all of the decisions and arrangements that you have made to ensure that the event is set up according to the site plan, to ensure that all the contractors know what their responsibilities are and so the public have a safe and enjoyable experience.

In addition to using the Event Plan for your own management, you will also be required to submit your Event Plan to the Events Unit. Final approval for your event will be contingent on you applying for the relevant permits and ensuring your Event Plan meets the requirements of the City of Greater Geelong and the relevant agencies.

How to make a basic event plan

There are some common 'ingredients' that should be included in all Event Plans. This is known as a basic event plan.

Contents of a basic Event Plan:

  • event overview
  • event program
  • event site plan
  • event build schedule
  • staff roles and contacts list
  • risk management / planning.

Depending on the nature of your event, additional event planning documents may also be required.

Additional plans may include:

  • Traffic and Transport Plan
  • Power Management Plan
  • Lighting Plan
  • Water Management Plan
  • Waste Management Plan
  • Recycling Plan
  • Noise Management Plan
  • Food Management Plan
  • Liquor Management Plan
  • Asset Protection Plan
  • Accessibility Plan

You can either identify required inclusions or work with your nominated Events Officer to determine if any extra plans are required.

Once the Event Plan is developed and finalised you should distribute copies to:

  • City of Greater Geelong - Events Unit
  • Asset managers and agencies that have issued permits and approvals
  • Your Safety officer and chief wardens
  • Your Event staff
  • Your Contractors
  • The Emergency services
  • Your Volunteers
  • Your Participants (vendors, traders, performers etc)
  • Your event committee and key stakeholders

If your event requires a Division 2 Occupancy Permit (POPE), your Event Plan will also need to include planning information requested in the POPE Permit application.

Page last updated: Friday, 11 March 2022