Constructions, structures and the Victorian Regulations

Some event sites may be deemed ‘construction sites’ which means you must meet Victorian Construction Regulations and the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Regulations 2007.

Event organisers are responsible for providing a safe environment for the public and this includes managing the practices of contractors during bump-in, staging and bump-out phases of your event.

What is a construction site?

The OHS Regulations 2007 provides the following paraphrased definition as to what is deemed to be a construction site:

Regulations 5.1.2 states that any work performed in connection with the construction of any building or structure, or any similar activity is a construction.

Construction includes:

  • installation, testing, maintenance and repair work performed in connection with the construction work
  • the installation, testing and maintenance of gas, water, sewerage, electricity or telecommunications services in or of any building or structure; and
  • any work performed under water, including work on buoys, obstructions to navigation, rafts, ships and wrecks.

Aspects of the event build or dismantling that may also involve high – risk construction work such as:

  • risk of persons falling more than 2 metres
  • use of temporary support
  • involving a trench or shaft deeper than 1.5 metres
  • near gas/electrical installations or services
  • involving powered mobile plant
  • over or around liquids if there is a risk someone may drown.

What is a structure?

The OHS Regulations 2007 provide the following paraphrased definition as to what is a structure (Regulation 5.1.4):

  • any construction wall, mast, tower, pylon, or structural cable
  • any ship or submarine
  • any fixed plant
  • any formwork, falsework, scaffold or other construction designed or used to provide support or access or containment during construction.

How does an event or contractor comply with the regulations?

If the event site and/or temporary infrastructure meet the above criteria then the principal contractor must comply with the Victorian Construction Regulations.

Only persons who have been accredited with a Construction Induction Card and been ‘inducted’ onto the site may access these high risk areas.

Your event’s Risk Assessment should address how the site and structure will be managed in accordance with these risks and regulations.

Contact WorkSafe if you are unsure about whether you need to comply with the regulations:

WorkSafe Advisory Service

Telephone: 1800 136 089 (toll free) or through the Worksafe website. 

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Page last updated: Friday, 25 March 2022