Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) for events

Any risks defined as part of your event's risk assessment as ‘High Risk Construction Work’ and undertaken by a contractor require a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS).

The contractor should provide you with a SWMS before on site works start.

During the construction period check that the contractor and staff are following the SWMS.

Definition of High Risk Construction Work – events related:

  • any:
    • construction wall, mast, tower, pylon, or structural cable
    • fixed plant
    • formwork, falsework, scaffold or other construction designed or used to provide support or access or containment during construction
    • ship or submarine
    • work performed under water, including work on buoys, obstructions to navigation, rafts, ships and wrecks
  • installation, testing:
    • and maintenance of gas, water, sewerage, electricity or telecommunications services in or on any building or structure
    • maintenance and repair work performed in connection with the construction work
  • involving:
    • a trench or shaft deeper than 1.5 metres
    • powered mobile plant
  • near gas/electrical installations or services
  • over or around liquids if there is a risk someone may drown
  • risk of persons falling more than 2 metres (that is: erection of large marquees and stages)
  • use of temporary support - scaffolding.

Page last updated: Thursday, 12 August 2021