Fireworks, pyrotechnics and Worksafe at events

If you propose using fireworks or any form of pyrotechnics at your event, there are a number of steps you need to be aware of including detailing the management of these activities in your risk management plan.

Fireworks (pyrotechnics) will require a permit. It is best that you check with your Events Officer if the asset (and surrounding environment) is suitable for a fireworks display, before you engage a Pyrotechnics contractor.

If the fireworks are intended to be discharged from a waterway (that is: Corio Bay) then you are required to apply for a permit from Parks Victoria Aquatic Events Advice.

For more information and an application form, contact the Ranger in Charge for West Port Phillip Bay.

The Pyrotechnics Company is responsible for applying to Worksafe for the permit. Written notification at least 7 days before the date of the proposed display must be submitted to Worksafe Victoria, Council and Fire Authority in the form prescribed by Worksafe.

The Dangerous Goods (Explosives) regulation 2000 requires that an event organiser ensures that the pyrotechnician has notified the relevant authorities of the intent to discharge the fireworks.

This means that the pyrotechnician (not the event organiser) must forward the original Worksafe notice to Worksafe, The City of Greater Geelong and the CFA at least 7 days prior to the event.

If your event involves fireworks or pyrotechnics you will need to develop a Safety Plan and Communications Plan.

Parks Victoria: West Port Phillip (including Corio Bay)

Graham Willson – Ranger
Tenancy 5, Building 6 Wharf Street East, Queenscliff Victoria 3225
PO Box 279 Queenscliff VIC 3225
Telephone: 03 5254 5007
Fax: 03 5254 5001
Email: [email protected]

Pyrotechnics checklist

  • Have you selected an appropriately licensed Pyrotechnician for the display?
  • Is the Pyrotechnician a member of a relevant association?
  • Has the event organiser sighted the company’s Public Liability Cover?
  • Has Worksafe approved the display?
  • Have you applied for and received the relevant permits from the CFA?
  • Have you applied and received the relevant permits from Parks Victoria
  • Have all regulatory requirements been met with in regards to the Dangerous Goods (Explosive) Regulations 2000?
  • Has a safe perimeter been established and secured once the fireworks arrive on site?
  • Is there adequate crowd control?

For more information about Pyrotechnic Safety and Communication plans, contact:

Pyrotechnics Industry Association of Australia

Pyrotechnic Communications Plan

Pyrotechnic displays can affect animals, in particular dogs and horses. You will need to develop a Communications Plan to outline how you will notify affected residents and businesses prior to the display.

You should letter drop the affected residents and businesses within the following radius of the display:

  • Urban – 500 metres
  • Rural – 1 kilometre

It’s important to also notify sensitive use facilities (that is: vets, animal shelters, boarding kennels, studs and hospitals).

You may need to place a notice in the public section of the local paper with the date and time of the fireworks display so that residents can manage their animals during this time.

Your Events Officer will advise as to what level of communication is required.

If Chinese crackers are to be used, then only places within the immediate area need to be advised.

Page last updated: Monday, 20 December 2021