Gas safety for events

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is the fuel used by many catering vendors for heating and cooling purposes.

However this risk along with any others associated with the event is to be managed first and foremost by you as the event organiser who has the overall responsibility for the safety of the patrons and contractors at the site.

Code of Practice for the safe use of LP Gas at public events

Energy Safe Victoria’s Code of Practice details the safe use of LPG at public events to assist compliance officers, event organisers, mobile catering vehicles and vendors with outdoor dining areas on the safe use, storage and handling of LPG in public areas.

Read more about gas safety at events and download a copy of the Code of Practice: Safe use of LPG at public events in Victoria.

A hard copy booklet is also available to issue at the time of each onsite inspection. To place your free order, contact our Marketing and Communications team at [email protected]

Electrical equipment and installations

Any electrical work carried out around a business is to be completed by a licensed electrician and certified on a Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES). When installing electrical equipment ensure it is:

installed as per the manufacturer's installation requirements, tag and tested and
appropriate for its intended use i.e. electrical equipment specific for internal use cannot be used outdoors.

Any plug-in electrical equipment that may be accessible to the public must be appropriately placed to avoid inadvertent contact. If extension leads are used to access any external areas check for sufficient mechanical-type protection. For example, where a lead crosses a footpath a mechanical ramp should be fixed to prevent damage from pedestrians.

More information

For any assistance or technical advice regarding electrical, gas appliance installations or the limitations on LPG cylinder storage at premises, please contact ESV on 03 9203 9700 or online.

Page last updated: Thursday, 17 March 2022