Extreme weather and events

Your risk management plan needs to address 'weather' and what procedures are in place on the event day in the event of extreme weather.

Consideration to cancellation, relocate the event or revise the start and finish time. Are there additional resources available on days of extreme heat, that is: shade availability, increase the number of water hydration stations, sun screen to name a few options? In the situation of wet weather a contingent indoor venue or reviewing the programs outdoor activities.


The State Government of Victoria issued a report in 2014 called Heatwave Management: Reducing the Risk to Public Health.

Sports Medicine Australia has developed a policy for event organisers to protect the public and participants from being affected by extreme heat.

The object of this document is to prevent injury and possible death, from heat illness in sport and activity by assisting officials, coaches and participants to recognise and manage potentially dangerous heat situations.

If you are planning to stage an event during the warmer months, you will need to download relevant documents from the Sports Medicine Australia website and develop an Extreme Heat Policy tailored for your event activity, time of year and location.

Sports Medicine Australia
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Factors to consider relative to wet weather:

  • Does your event have an event contingency should wet weather prevail?
  • How will wet weather implicate the event’s capacity to generate income?
  • What additional risk management procedures need to be incorporated – such as terra-track pathways over muddy areas?


Factors to consider relative to windy weather:

  • Does your event have an event contingency should high winds prevail?
  • Can the event continue in windy conditions? For example, some mechanical rides may not be able to operate safely or sports may need to be cancelled.
  • Who is responsible and how will your event be managed should windy conditions occur?
  • Some factors to consider include structural capacity to cope with high wind. Structures such as marquees or crowd control barriers can have risky consequences if not managed appropriately. Imagine a marquee flying away or a row of barriers falling on your event’s patrons.

Following the weather

Download a good weather service to your smart phone (if you have one) or follow the weather online or radio - to ensure you know what's happening with the weather.

While you must pre plan for possible weather challenges, you also need to be aware during the event period.

Page last updated: Monday, 14 February 2022