Helicopters and events

Planning an event where helicopters are either required or desired can be challenging. 

Use of helicopters could be in relation to the media wishing to attend the event, private travel to the event, joy flights or filming of the event.


Some events require the use of a helicopter and a safe landing place. The safest place to land and refuel a helicopter is at an airport.

We do not permit helicopters landing in or near public places.

Please see below for contact information for Barwon Heads Airport or Avalon Airport. 

Barwon Heads Airport

1411-1419 Barwon Heads Road, Connewarre Victoria 3227

Jeff Brooks
0418 643 401
Leighton Hamlin
0418 567 340
Don Adamson
0418 138 840
Mike Philip
0418 131 838
Anton Westerink 0410 552 373

Avalon Airport

80 Beach Road, Lara Victoria 3212

Telephone: +61 3 5227 9100
+61 3 5282 3335
Website: www.avalonairport.com.au
Avalon Airport
Email: [email protected] 

Page last updated: Wednesday, 30 March 2022