Working with children at events

In 2006 the Victorian Government introduced a new checking system to help protect children under 18 years of age from physical or sexual harm.

People working or volunteering with children need to apply for a Working with Children (WWC) Check.

Employers, volunteer organisations and agencies must ensure that any of their staff or volunteers who need a WWC Check has applied by the due date.

For more information and application forms contact the Department of Justice.

Working with Children Check Unit
Department of Justice
GPO Box 1915 Melbourne VIC 3001
Telephone: 03 8684 0000
1300 652 879 (local call charge)
1300 365 111 (regional callers)
Email: [email protected]

Looking after lost children

Arrangements for looking after lost children should be made and communicated to key staff during event planning.

An incident report form should be completed as soon as a lost child is accepted into the event organiser’s care. The child should be made comfortable at an information centre or similar. If an information centre is not available the first aid post, control centre or ticket office may suffice.

The child should be in the presence of two qualified adult carers at all times and at least one of the adults needs to have a clear Working with Children Check.

Find out the child’s name and age where possible.  The child may know the parent’s business name and a quick Google search may give you access to a business mobile number.

The child may know the parents’ or a family member’s home or mobile phone number.

Find out the name of the child’s guardian or parent who is with them at the event.

Make a public announcement that a child has been found and where they can be located. Do not give the child’s name.

The child’s parent or guardian should be able to identify themselves before taking the child. If you are in any doubt, or if the child’s behaviour or demeanour gives you any cause for doubt the police should be contacted for advice.

The carers should be satisfied that the parent or guardian is familiar to the child.

The police should be contacted if the responsible adult fails to appear within 15 minutes (or similar predetermined time relative to the size of the venue) after the first announcement.

If there are police on site the child should be taken to that post immediately.

When the child is reunited with the parent or carer recontact the police and provide them with an update.

Where any doubt exists the police should be contacted for advice.

A copy of the incident report should be provided to the police.

Page last updated: Friday, 11 March 2022