Event emergency response plan

With any large crowd gathering in a public space, it is imperative that you plan for an emergency, including how to safely evacuate attendees.

Your Emergency Response Plan should be developed in accordance with:

  • ASNZ4360 (2004) Risk Management
  • AS3745 (2010) Emergency Control Organisation and Procedures for Buildings, Structures and Workplaces

Major and high-risk events must have a formally documented Emergency Response Plan developed in consultation with emergency services representatives.

Once adopted, it should be made available to key on site event personnel, stakeholders and emergency services.

In developing the Emergency Response Plan include:


On your site plan:

  1. Include existing and temporary infrastructure being set up and the venues services on your site plan
  2. Emergency assembly areas
  3. Vehicle access for emergency vehicles and evacuation routes for the public
  4. Location of on site emergency services (if they have a presence on site)
  5. First aid and ambulance areas (positioned in consultation with Ambulance Victoria)

In your event documentation:

  1. Name and contacts of staff that will authorise and manage evacuation procedures
  2. Details of how the event will be interrupted and people notified in the event of an emergency
  3. Detailed arrangements for on site emergencies that do not require outside help, such as small fires
  4. Specific arrangements to hand over control to police and emergency services as required
  5. Minor first aid incidents, security to manage containable incidents
  6. Details of hospitals prepared for a major incident (Note: many rural hospitals are not  equipped to manage major incidents). 
  7. Detail of security arrangements
  8. Detail of recovery arrangements
  9. Major incident notification process to WorkSafe
  10. Incident report, to document the incident and response.

It is important to understand that once emergency services arrive on site, they assume control of the emergency situation.

Page last updated: Thursday, 13 June 2024