Site infrastructure summary

Most events set up temporary structures, this could be marquees, grandstands to inflatable structures.  

Depending on the size and nature of these structures, there are different steps you may need to take as the event organiser to ensure they are safe to use and meet approval. Certain structures may require a siting approval for a prescribed temporary structure.  

A prescribed temporary structure is temporary structure that is used by members of the public attending public entertainment and is any of the following:

  • tents, marquees, booth, and prefabricated buildings with a floor area greater than 100 square metres 
  • seating stands (grandstands)  for more than 20 persons
  • stages or platforms (including sky borders and stage wings) exceeding 150 square metres in floor area
  • a viewing platform exceeding or greater than 150 square metres in floor area or containing more than 20 seats.
  • inflatable or portable structures such as movie screens may need a siting permit.

For greater detail, refer to the section Siting Approval for Prescribed Structures in the Events Planning Guide

This section of the guide provides the siting approval application process and details what type of plans will need to develop to support the application.

To assess if a temporary structure requires siting approval at an event site refer to the flow chart in section 2, The Event Plan, Part D, Siting Approval for Prescribed Structures of this Guide.

Page last updated: Thursday, 3 February 2022