Event overview

The more we know about your event - the better support we can offer you.

Briefly describe the event

The event application permit form asks for general information about your event. Provide as much detail as possible as this will help us assess the suitability of your event for the proposed location.

You can use images or diagrams to help describe what you propose to do.

Dates and times

The timings relate not only to your event, but also the hours or days required for set-up and pack-up. Your event will be given approval for the use of an area for a specific period only as defined in your application.

Expected number of participants and spectators including local and non-local

We ask for an estimation of how many people will attend your event – including participants and spectators. This estimation will be used to assess the suitability of the proposed event location and what permits are required.

Has this event been held before and do you propose holding this event again?

This will assist us in determining the viability of the site. Given the number of events staged annually in the Geelong region, the ability to note your event for future years at your preferred location and date may also be of benefit.

Page last updated: Thursday, 2 May 2019